Saturday, July 30, 2011

Folks call me Dill.

Boy, oh boy, it’s a boy! I’m about 24 weeks into my pregnancy with what appears to be (according to the extra little somethin’ somethin’ on the ultrasound) a little boy! We are so pumped. We have heard the most hilarious theories as of late as to what contributes to whether you have a boy or girl - such as that if the father is an “alpha male” that he won’t produce boys because then there would be a male in his household that could challenge him. Ahem…lame! Heard another theory that whichever spouse is the most emotionally supportive in the relationship around the time of conception will determine the gender (so if momma is carrying the emotional load, you will have a girl, etc). Again, lame. But don’t lie, you know if you have kids you just mentally tested those theories out in your own life…..”yeah, I was sort of the more emotionally stable when when little sally was born!.” Anyways, last time I checked it is strictly a matter of God’s design and we are glad that He designed for us the opportunity to parent both a daughter and a son.

And now onto the name. I know what you’re thinking…”Don’t tell people because what if you change your name.” Well, we won’t. We are naming our son after a beloved family member in our lives whose wife passed away just over a year ago. We told her just before she died that we would name a son after them if we ever had one. Not that we would want to, but that’s not exaclty something you go back on. Anywho, his name will be CHARLES BAKER LEATHERS and we will call him BAKER. Lewis and Delena Baker have been a part of Eric’s family for, well, ever. He pastored Eric’s mom and then Eric and his brother at Antioch Presbyterian Church in Eric’s hometown. They really KNOW and really LOVE Jesus and the rivers of blessing that have flowed through them reach to places and people too numerous to count. Lewis is quiet, funny, wise, full of the Word, and charming. Delena was a deeply loving firecracker of a godly woman. They did our premarital counseling and Lewis performed our wedding. Our prayer is that our sweet son will set his gaze on Jesus, above all else, as the Bakers have done. Eric is the 9th generation of first-born males named Charles (he’s Charles Eric). My prayer is that Baker will love like his daddy loves - first Jesus, then others. No one does it better.

One of the only belly shots I have is from our June trip to Ocean Isle. We didn’t know yet if it was a boy or girl so wrote both names, and no, you can’t see the girl one because if we have ever have another girl we will totally use it!

But the sentimentality doesn’t stop there. Harper was not necessarily named after Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, but we certainly do love that book and read it to Harper when she was teeny tiny. Check out this exerpt from page 7 of our copy.

“That was the summer Dill came to us…We stared at him until he spoke. ‘Hey,’ ‘Hey yourself,” Jem said pleasantly. ‘I’m Charles Baker Harris, I can read.’ …Jem brushed his hair back to get a better look, ‘Why don’t you come over here Charles Baker Harris,’ he said, ‘Lord, what a name.’’Folks call me Dill,’ said Dill, struggling under the fence.”

Lord, what a name, is right! And what a boy you will be. And what a spectacular big sister awaits you. She is more captivating all the time. We cannot wait for your story to unfold, Charles Baker Leathers. Folks will call you Baker.

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