Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hiatus continued...

So I feel a little weird writing a quick blog post about why I've not blogged in a bit, as if it's that much of a concern, but a couple of you dear people have asked why it's been so long so I'll briefly explain.

Not to get too dramatic, but I promised myself when I started the blog that I would never do it out of obligation or pressure to keep up with it. If life got crazy I would let it go for a while, even if it meant everyone and their brother would cease to read it. So be it. Well, such a time is this.

I'll go into way more detail when the timing is better but basically our life just feel a bit heavy right now - lots of changes (not many of which have found resolution) and it's not so much that time is of the essence as it is that I simply have not found the energy or inspiration to sit down and write. As someone who finds much release in writing, I am not exactly encouraged by this process, but I also know that pressuring myself to just do it anyways is not the healthiest thing for me either.

That said, don't give up on me just yet. To the blog I shall return. When the time is right. In the meantime, just pray that we would seek God and Him alone - not what He can do for us, what He can give us, or even the peace or presence of knowing Him - but simply Him. We want to rest in this above all else.

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and play the video below. My friend Millie's hubby threw her a surprise "i just love you and appreciate you" party (way to go J) the other weekend and musicians jenny and tyler came - this was my favorite by far. listen all the way to the end to hear the Mac powell cameo (guy from third day) His lines are my favorite.

The hiatus continues,

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  1. ah yes..."child believe"...makes me cry every time i hear it. hang in there sweet friend. love you-