Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Guy.

I have much more to blog about Texas (including pics of Harper getting her first pedicure care of her 3rd cousin Katie), but I have to take a moment to shout out to this guy. 

For all of you who do the obligatory “finger in the mouth gag me sign” when someone sings the praises of their spouse, no need to read on.

There are a few big changes going on in our life, namely a new job for me and thoughts about growing our family of 3 to a family of 4, plus the normal craziness that is life in full-time ministry.  It’s a little overwhelming at times. 

In all of this, there are a few things that are constant.  Jesus. He is constant.

 (For you Lost fans please feel free to take a moment of silence if you just recalled one of the best Lost episodes ever about the constant. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are not a real Lost fan.  Shame on you.)

The other constant - Eric. His love for Harper and I is so steady that it is easy to take for granted - like breathing or wind or the ticking of a clock, anything that goes on steadily, rhythmically, unnoticed.

We are his priority - when he is home with us and when he is out doing his thing - we are his priority.  What a great thing to be able to say. 

Eric, you are my prize.
Thanks for loving us easy and loving us hard.
We love you. 

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  1. Praise God for husbands who lead, love, and provide for us crazy women! :) Well, I'm're just plain great!