Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Texas Part Dos.

Harper's first pedicure!!
If I don't do it now (blog about the rest of our Texas trip that is) I never will. Eric's got a mean poker game going on downstairs and I am battling a nasty cold upstairs so blogging it is.

We had precious time with my cousins (Angela and Allyson, two of Margaret and Lee's daughters (the third is Audra who I looovveee but who had to be at a counseling conference because she is a serious counseling guru).

My dad is 11 years younger than his sister (my aunt Margaret) and so he is actually closer in age to my cousins than he is to his sister. So their children (Ryan, Ross, Aron, Kelsey, Sydney, and Katie) range from 9 to about 21 (i think).

My family jokes that I look nothing like them (mostly b/c I tan on a whole other level during the summer months and have dark hair and dark eyes where my mom and sister sport blue eyes). I believe my sister's words during our youth were "me and mom's eyes are sky blue and yours are poo-poo brown." Ouch. Eric says I was switched at birth and feels sure there's some white little girl running around in some border town having her white skin scorched by the mexican sun. Don't worry, mom, I no longer ACTUALLY think this is true. That said, you could say I look a little more like my cousins.

We played at the park, ate great food, talked and caught up, and the girls (Kelsey, Sydney and Katie) mothered Harper all the livelong day. They were precious about it an I am so thankful for the time we had with them.
Angela swinging H
H with Katie - she was such a little momma!
H with Sydney
H with Kelsey
After soaking up as much of Austin as we could we headed to San Antonio (where I was born) to meet up with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Sandy and cousin Isaac (precious, Jesus-loving people and I CANNOT believe I did not get a picture with them! Shame on meeee!!!) and my Nana (my mom's mom and last living grandparent). This was the first time she got to meet her great granddaughter! So thankful for that opportunity. Here is a picture of 4 generations of women - my Nana, my mom, myself and Harper. Can we talk a moment about how lovely my mom is? Seriously, she is a classic beauty.

So there you have it. A drive to Charlotte, a flight to Austin, a drive to San Antonio, a flight back to Charlotte, and a drive back to Mount Airy. Phew! Who said having a baby slows you down?

Apparently, not us!

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