Friday, December 31, 2010

Bandwagon - check.

i've tried to resist many a bandwagon in the last few years for reasons I'm not too terribly sure of. the reasons I can come up with are all pretty lame - trying to remain unique (sounds a little juvenile), not wanting to be a follower (it's probably good to follow good things), a general aversion to all things technological (once i learn it, i'm fine, but words like gadget and widget and html give me indigestion), and the list goes on. i'm holding out firmly on a few (ie, anything to do with vampires, uber-skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, ugg boots, coffee drinking, ipads/iphones, the office, eyebrow waxing, and the avett brothers). with most other bandwagons, however, i eventually cave and, once i get over how fragile my convictions are, i'm glad i did. this is mostly true for things like texting, facebook, itunes, bravoTV (duh), shopping online, using my ical, puffy vests, cowboy boots, wearing gold jewelry again, Glee, flossing (wait, is that not a bandwagon?), peacoats, crocs, rainbows, anthropologie, and just recently harry potter (although the verdict is still out as to whether this was a wise choice).

and now, let us add to the list....blogging.

yep I said it. i'm blogging. did fireworks explode? did the fat lady sing? a cymbal clang? a gong resound? anything? nope. not a peep. because i may actually be the last person to jump on this one. like every other semi-thoughtful blog newbie i wondered if it was lame? do i have anything to say? does it matter? how do i accurately portray our life? do i have time? blah blah blah. who cares!!!! just pick a cool name and go with it (despite your blog-resistant, usually right, stronger convicted husband). so here goes...

the road to sweet water. a narnia reference! and if you don't get it please make plans to read voyage of the dawn treader or go see it in theaters. as the characters near aslan's country they find that their hunger is gone and the water is sweet. pure poetry. the blog title is also a little shout out to any trout-stocked river that calls my husbands name in multiple languages. he is there right now actually.

my hope is that, at the very least, what i have to say will keep you up to speed on our life, make you laugh, make you feel better about yourself because you are not as much of a mess as i am, and at the very most will make you want to taste sweet water too. not because i have anything new to say, but because everything worth saying has already been spoken. by the word. that's THE WORD. jesus.

so here goes. i'm not the most consistent person i know so i have no idea how often i'll update it or how interesting it will be. but i'll give it a go and hope it is better than the first two harry potter movies.

and because i don't really like blog posts without pics, i threw one in for good measure. she will make your heart swoon. if she doesn't, check your pulse. you might be dead.


  1. LOVE IT! you did a great job. and just a totally need to jump on The Office bandwagon. you would LOVE it :)
    i love blogging and do it so frequently with the thought in mind that my kids can read it about our lives as they get older. that is my primary reason and it keeps me consistent. just a thought!

  2. kristen leatherbelt, your pictures and child are beautiful. welcome to the blogging world(:

  3. oh sweet friend. you crack me up. i'm so thankful you're on this bandwagon. and the harry potter movies do get better by the way, so hang in there.